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All things Kryptonics wheels. Classic Photos, stories, and interviews about the beginning of skateboarding and the future ahead of us. 




"This ad was the first public unveiling of the wheels that revolutionized the industry. At the time none of our competitors were producing highly resilient wheels. We knew we were onto something when we first developed the super-fast soft wheels. The problem was they were too squishy for pool and park riding. When we applied the high resilience to a much harder wheel the results were equally amazing. Riders could tell instantly that the green wheels were way faster than the competition. Instead of pumping to maintain speed in the bowls they had to back off just to maintain control”

-Jim Ford (1970’s Kryptonics VP, Creative Guy, Ad Designer, Head Honcho)

Look for a full interview with Kryptonics originals Jim Ford and D.David Morin in the November issue of Concrete Wave.  

Original Star·Trac Kryptonics: Red, Blue and Green in new sizes and durometers.

In skate shops Holiday 2013.