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All things Kryptonics wheels. Classic Photos, stories, and interviews about the beginning of skateboarding and the future ahead of us. 




This ad from October 1977 was created as a teaser to introduce the second generation of wheels. Until then, the formulas used were off the shelf urethanes that provided very few improvements in the way of performance or design. The old wheels had square edges that chipped because of the design and because the original urethane formulas lacked what the lab called tear-strength. We went through a lot of prototyping to maximize both resilience and tear-strength. At the time this ad was produced we still didn’t have things dialed in so we opted to go with a teaser ad.

-Jim Ford (1970’s Kryptonics VP, Creative Guy, Ad Designer, Head Honcho)

Look for a full interview with Kryptonics originals Jim Ford and D.David Morin in the November issue of Concrete Wave.  

Original Star·Trac Kryptonics: Red, Blue and Green in new sizes and durometers.

In skate shops Holiday 2013.