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All things Kryptonics wheels. Classic Photos, stories, and interviews about the beginning of skateboarding and the future ahead of us. 

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What is #kryptour? Our Kryptonics Ambassadors and Brand activists will be posting photos of the new Kryptonics Star Trac Wheels and/or people riding them in iconic locations around the globe.

Why don't you do the same? Take your Krypto's out for a ride and shoot a photo of them wherever and whenever you feel it is worth sharing with the world. Tourist attraction? Good! Meeting a celebrity? Go for it! Visiting a famous skate spot? Nail it!

Go to to see the instagram feed, to add to it just Tag #kryptour and always remember to geotag the location while posting on Instagram or Facebook. Best pictures will get props and re-shared by Kryptonics.

Kryptonics Wheels Chooses South African Kent Lingeveldt as First International Brand Ambassador



Highly respected South African skateboarder /longboarder , Kent Lingeveldt, has been named Kryptonics First International Brand Ambassador. Lingeveldt, 33, is a skateboarder, photographer and the owner of Cape Town skateboard company, Alpha Longboards. Kent started as a street skater, at the age of 14. In 1999, he entered the world of downhill longboard racing, taking part in the first Red Bull Downhill Extreme in Cape Town down the infamous “Glen Road”. From 2004 to 2006, he competed at races in Europe and South America and in 2009. He returned to racing in 2011, after a two-year break and still races locally and abroad when the time allows

Kent regularly does informal work with local kids in and around the poorer communities in Cape Town and together with an older generation of longboarders he works to nurture skateboarding as a life-skill for kids that opens up their minds to a world of an extended skate family worldwide.”

Kent started Alpha Longboards in 2001 and in the past 12 years, has handmade over 500 boards. His boards are ridden across the world in 13 countries on five continents. He has collaborated with artists Atang Tshikare, Toni Stuart, Khaya Witbooi, Nardstar, Rico Swanepoel, Motel7 and Mr. Fuzzy Slippers to create Alpha art boards. His Local Legends series honours South African greats such as Nelson Mandela and in April 2012, he met Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu and presented him with his own Tutu Alpha art board. He regularly exhibits the Alpha Longboards art boards in his home of South Africa as well as in Germany.

Lingeveldt has been involved as a test rider for the new Kryptonics Star Trac wheels over the last few months, putting the wheels through their paces on the varied terrain of South Africa.

In addition to representing Kryptonics Star Trac Wheels at skateboarding events, Kent will also be promoting the brand through social media and self-produced skateboarding videos.

In announcing Lingeveldt’s joining the ambassador program, Kryptonics Wheels Brand Director Steve Douglas commented, “We are stoked to have a skater of Kent’s abilities, and just as importantly his involvement with South African youth, representing Kryptonics Wheels”.

The new line of Kryptonics Star Trac Wheels are now available worldwide at skate shops and online retailers.

For more information please visit:

To learn more about Kent please visit:

Photo Credits: 
Race shot: Pierre Vander Spuy
Sliding: Zwelibanze Sitole
— with Kent Lingeveldt.




Kryptonics Interviews: Cindy Whitehead


What was the year you rode for Kryptonics?

I rode them mostly in and around 1978. 

What color wheels/size did you ride?

Blue’s when I wanted gripping power on any plexiglass ramps I think they were 60 mm? Greens for everyday cement parks.

How better where they from the competition?

They were amazing - nothing gripped like blue krypto’s in my book - they were my secret weapon.

Who got you on Kryptonics?

I can’t remember - they just started giving me wheels when I asked.

What was your favorite Kryptonics ad from back in the day?

I think there was one with Salba in it I liked.

Best memory with riding for Kryptonics?

Plexi glass ramp in Fountain Valley - guys were sliding out once they got to high up on vert and those wheels helped me stick to the wall. 

What is your favorite memory in skateboarding from the 70’s and early 80’s?

Competing in the Gold Cup Series - because you got to see all your friends & team riders that lived in other places at each contest & really push each other.

What is your favorite memory in skateboarding?

Spending every waking hour skating either the dogbowl or upper keyhole at Marina Skatepark with some of the best vert skaters in the world.

What are you doing now?

I am a Sports Stylist® - which means I am a fashion stylist for pro & Olympic athletes. I also have a collab board with Dusters California called “Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word”, and I work to promote women in skateboarding. 

What are your thoughts about the Original star trac wheels coming back? 

I can’t wait to ride them!

Anything else to add?

I recently put a vintage set of Krypto’s on my board when I rode down the closed 405 FWY this past year - I chose Kryptonics because I knew it would be a smooth ride - and it really was.

Cindy Whitehead interview Oct 13

405 fwy skate session.

Photo Credits: Ian Logan

Kryptonics Interviews: Guy Grundy


What was the year you rode for Kryptonics?

What color wheels/size did you ride?
Red/ 5 inch 

How much better where they from the competition?
Smoother and truer in roll

What is your favorite memory in skateboarding from the 70’s and early 80’s?
Setting the first downhill speed record at Signal Hill (Hill St.) in Long Beach, Ca 1975 and then people wanting to race at any hill we showed up on. It was a Great time!

What is your favorite memory in skateboarding?

Blowing everyone’s doors off in La Costa back in the late 70’s. Everyone in San Diego wanted to race. We/I would show up and it was like everyone had this attitude all of a sudden. I would start a run and everyone or anyone that thought they could downhill would go for it. I passed so many people or people that could not catch me it was funny. Ty Page could not figure out why I could go so fast nor could any of the Logans, but they all tried to catch me and I just happen to be on my game for a very long time. It was good times and I was lucky back then. They were very good years and I learned a lot from all those people.

What are you doing now?
I live with my wife of 26 years , two dogs and two cats in Salt Lake City, Utah. In the Winter I was teaching 4 to 11 year olds how to ski and snowboard. In the Spring/ Summer and Fall we camp, golf, fish, travel to different places around the world looking for good surf. I have a full time Quality Assurance position with a well known company (Mrs. Fields Cookies) and that’s how I make our fun money. Go skateboarding with Russ Howell on the weekends and see if there are any young adults out there racing that I can catch up.