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Transworld Business Article


Steve Douglas speaks for many skateboarders who grew up as pioneers for the sport during the 60s and 70s, when he says Kryptonics Wheels shaped the way his generation, and many thereafter, thought about skateboarding.

Douglas, the head of business development at Dwindle, has been instrumental in reviving the history and nostalgia behind that time period, first with the unveiling of heritage board brand Dusters California, and now with the re-launch of the 1970s iconic wheel brand, Kryptonics. Dwindle has taken over the license for the business and plans to recreate the same type of innovative movement around the Star Trac wheels that took place during their initial launch nearly four decades ago.

“The focus of the Dusters brand is to celebrate the history of skateboarding during the 60’s and 70’s,” explains Douglas. “The Kryptonics wheels were a game changer when it came to urethane and they were from the 70’s, so it made perfect sense. Kryptonics’ name has to be one of the most iconic names in skateboarding, and we are stoked to be a part of it.”

The initial production run of wheels, which are scheduled to ship mid-November and hit retail for Holiday, have already pre-sold out with Dwindle’s retail accounts, and the company hopes to continue playing off that success. We caught up with  Dusters Product and R&D Manager Eric Sentianin,  Creative Director Nano Nobrega, and one of Kryptonic’s former team members Jack Smith to hear the details behind the iconic brand’s history, and where the future is headed.

Read the full article and interview here.