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Kryptonics Interviews: Stories and Q&A's with past Kryptonics pro's, and current brand ambassadors and brand activists. 



Photo. Jim Goodrich, Mission Bay, Ca April 1978

Photo. Jim Goodrich, Mission Bay, Ca April 1978

What was the year you rode for Kryptonics? 

What color wheels/size did you ride? 
I remember they were green! lol and the durometer at the time was important because I went between freestyle and bowls. Can’t remember the size maybe you can tell from this pic? 

How better where they from the competition? 
I rode on road riders for a lot of my career – but switched after wanting a better all around wheel.

What was your favorite Kryptonics ad from back in the day? 
The Doug Salidino ad ( Pineapple) well, maybe it was a G & S ad - I just remember it was at Oasis skate park and the shot was AWESOME!!

Best memory with riding for Kryptonics? 
Hanging out with D David Morin, meeting Jim Ford the President at the time of Krypto, skating La Costa, photo shoots with Jim Goodrich – what more could you ask for? ! 

What is your favorite memory in skateboarding from the 70’s and early 80’s? 
Too many great memories to even begin. Starting in 1975 meeting Ed Nadalin and skating amateur for California Pro. Signing on with G&S and having Larry Gordon sign my first ever pay check at $17 ! Touring Japan with Steve Cathy and Pineapple and FibreFats ( Dave Mac) Going to Ocean City Maryland with Laura Thornhill , Chris Chaput and Bobby Boyden. Skating in Tampa FL at Bush Gardens and hanging out with the CBS crew and Tom Brookshire. Shooting the up close and personal with ABC Wide World of Sports and Dennis Schufeldt. All the demo’s with Chris Yandell and the G&S team for the San Diego City School District. Working at Home Avenue Skatepark with Steve Cathy as the one of the Managing Pros. Writing and receiving a letter from Ellen Berryman even though she lived only 30 miles away! Hanging out at La Costa with the gang, Henry Hester, Chris Yandall, Mike Williams, Di Doodson, Bobby Piercy (RIP) John Hutson … too many to mention! Getting the job at Skateboarder Magazine as the Advertising Manager and working with Art Director, Paul Haven (RIP), Photo King James Cassimus, D David Morin, Editor and Dave Dash, Publisher. I guess you might say my favorite memory in skateboarding in the 70’s was ALL of it!

What is your favorite memory in skateboarding?
Shooting the movie SKATEBOARD and forming a long time friendship with Tony Alva. 

What are you doing now? 
I have been a Recruiter since 1988, now recruiting and placing nurses in the specialties of ER, ICU, OR, Med Surg and L&D. LOVE what I do!!!