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Kryptonics Interviews: Stories and Q&A's with past Kryptonics pro's, and current brand ambassadors and brand activists. 




What was the year you rode for Kryptonics?

What color wheels/size did you ride? 

I rode all sizes/ durometers for different terrain. Preferably the fastest, but smoothness mattered as a lot of cement was rough then.

How better where they from the competition? 
They had the durometer/resilency/grip/ speed combo dialed in perfectly in each of the options. Dependent on where/what you were skating, one could change wheels in moments to better suit the terrain, thereby bettering one's ability and performance. At the time (late 70's) they set the standard by which other manufacturers should be at.

Who got you on Kryptonics? 
D.David Morin was the one whom saw me skating and offered me the deal. It was a really tough decision for me as I had a recent contract with Gordon & Smith from Dave McIntyre which made their own wheels but I did not feel their wheels were the best performing for what I needed. I did feel like Kryptonics certainly were without a doubt- the best wheels on the planet, especially after my first ride on them. Next thing I know I'm on the May 1978 cover of Skateboard World magazine with a Krypto team shirt, green 65mm's and a G & S deck. PAYDAY!! No Worries any longer about wheel decisions. 

What was your favorite Kryptonics ad from back in the day? 
All of them.

Best memory, riding for Kryptonics? 
May 1978 cover which was my first payday from skateboarding. 

What is your favorite memory in skateboarding from the 70’s and early 80’s? 
The camaraderie of skateboarding's brothers & sisters (all of them). I was inspired by everyone whom rode a skateboard and loved the brotherhood that I felt a part of. Taking my daughters for their first time to ride is a huge memory for me. Sessioning the Dogbowl with the Z-boys, backyard barging with Stanley & William Sharp on numerous occasions. Riding Valley pools with Valdez, Smith, Senatore's, Ferry, Repas,Viecco, Altieri's, J.Smith, Lippman, Lamar, and all the other V-Boys. 

What are you doing now? 
I've been in the Home Furnishings industry for 13 years and am seeking the next thing currently! 

Anything else to add? 
Once a skateboarder-Always a skateboarder!