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Kryptonics Interviews: Stories and Q&A's with past Kryptonics pro's, and current brand ambassadors and brand activists. 



What was the year you rode for Kryptonics?
Although I never rode for certain skate companies, I have always favored Kryptonics wheels for my Longboards.

What color wheels/size did you ride?
My Freestyle Board is setup with my own Howell Freestyle Wheels which I made back in the late 1970's. Most of my Longboards use Kryptonics Route 70 Orange wheels.

How better where they from the competition?
My late 1970's Day-Glo Yellow FS Howell Freestyle Wheels remain the best Freestyle Wheels I've ever ridden. Kryptonics have always been the smoothest ride for a Longboard setup.

Best memory riding Kryptonics?
Longboarding has become a regular cross training activity for other sports. My favorite place to Longboard in Salt Lake City is at Liberty Park near downtown. It features a 3-mile oval track with 10-foot wide smooth sidewalks. Kryptonics wheels make the ride great.

What is your favorite memory in skateboarding from the 70’s and early 80’s?
I've had a lot of great memories involving Skateboard Competitions, travel, skateboard demonstrations, friends and reaching personal goals for the Sport. Winning the 1975 Del Mar Bahne/Cadillac Nationals was the beginning of a lifetime journey. I went on to win two World Championships and set two Guinness World Records for Longest Handstand and most consecutive 360 Spins at 163.

One of the most emotional moments came in July 1976 while performing at a Beach Boys Concert. I had just returned from a six-month tour of Australia and the other skaters told me I had been out of the country for too long and they were taking over. The other skaters received little attention, but the crowd gave me a standing ovation and I felt welcomed home again. My love for skateboarding has taken me to Australia, Canada, Germany, England, Japan, Peru and other countries.

What is your favorite memory in skateboarding? 
In the words of Sean Cliver who wrote the book, "Stalefish," "Skateboarding derailed my life in a beautiful way. “There are many great memories that the Magical Rolling Board has given me. The greatest treasures gained from the life-long adventure come in the form of friends made along the way. A man's true wealth is never made up entirely by the abundance of his possessions alone. It's much more important to fill the heart rather than the wallet.

What are you doing now? 
I still have a passion for skateboarding. One of my core philosophical principles comes from Aristotle: "If we are the play things of the gods, then let us live our lives as play." Some of my favorite activities include Surfing, Snowboarding, Hiking, Downhill Coaster Carting, and High-Powered Water Balloon Wars. I remain a Toys-R-uss Kid at age 64.