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Kryptonics Interviews: Stories and Q&A's with past Kryptonics pro's, and current brand ambassadors and brand activists. 



What was the year you rode for Kryptonics?

What color wheels/size did you ride? 
Green 65mm

How better where they from the competition?
Very advanced for the times wheels fast, super true and they last.

Who got you on Kryptonics?
D. David

What was your favorite Kryptonics ad from back in the day? 
Introducing the cored wheels

Best memory with riding for Kryptonics?
Going to Krypto in boulder with Mick and Steve skating the new foam boards.

What is your favorite memory in skateboarding from the 70’s and early 80’s?
Making the cover of Skateboarder magazine.

What is your favorite memory in skateboarding?
Skating mt baldy pipe for the first time.

What are you doing now?
Rock climber.