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Kryptonics Wheels | The Originals Since 1976

Kryptonics Wheels | The Originals Since 1976

Kryptonics Star Trac wheels: High quality skateboard wheels only sold in skate shops.

kryptonics wheels full lineup

Orange Kryptonics Star Trac | 84A (Limited Edition) 

Pink Kryptonics Star Trac | 80A (Limited Edition) 

White/Red Core Kryptonics Star Trac
91A Soft & Fast

Red Kryptonics Star Trac | 78A Soft & Fast

White/Blue Core Kryptonics Star Trac
94A Firm & Fast

Blue Kryptonics Star Trac | 82A Firm & Fast

White/Green Core Kryptonics Star Trac
97A Hard & Fast

Green Kryptonics Star Trac | 86A Hard & Fast


Kryptonics Wheels | The Originals Since 1976

Following in the footsteps of Jim Ford, a young Kryptonics employee who snuck into the factory after hours in 1976 to create the first Star Trac wheels, and brilliant urethane chemist Chuck Demarest, we have reformulated the softer compounds to be tougher and faster. These new compounds and other major advancements come together in a sophisticated selection of skateboard wheels.